Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meat making

The last month has been pretty rewarding in the meat department. Here are a few of my meats: First we have truffle and pistachio sausage that Andrew and I made at Matt and Janna's house. Heading over there on Sundays and playing with meat is the new cool thing to do! This tradition now dates back to last New Year's Day when I broke into my very first, self-made, artisan meat...the pancetta.
Next, is pork belly that I brown sugar crusted and slow roasted for hours. I picked up this well trimmed belly from The Swinery out in West Seattle. Andrew used the belly as lunch meat for the week. Lucky guy, he knows.
Last, is a beef wellington that I made with pate, wrapped with prosciutto and finished with Pillsbury flaky biscuits, a little nod our military brat childhoods.

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