Thursday, November 19, 2009


Day three of starting any new regimen is probably the most difficult for me. Day one is exciting and fresh. I've got all the gusto in the world and usually the necessary supplies are brand new (i.e. sports bra, sketchbook, low fat groceries, and hopefully some sort of office supply or recreational gadget.) Day two I've realized it's not as hard as I thought and I think, "okay, I can do this cause I did it the day before and it wasn't so hard and I got to use all these great new things and this is the new me. Day three I feel like since I'm so well established in my regimen I can take my first day off. "Since this is such a part of me now, it's going to continue being a part of me whether or not I do it today." Three dinners out, seven wasted facebook hours, a bag of Funyuns, and two forgotten birthdays later I realize that I havn't "changed" at all and that all the things that I thought would change with my new regimen have now become goals for next year or next summer or next week and so here it is.. day three... blog.


Times I inappropriately cursed at work: at least two

Baths taken: two

Instances where I talked about Tyra Banks in reference to my weight while chatting with Ingrid: two

Number of profile views for my blog: 290

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