Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Breakfast and $403 dollars

Every time I begin a journal I always leave the first page blank. I do this because I have some sort of hangup that the first entry is never going to do it's job and quite possibly I may need to edit the beginning of the journal . I suppose there's something wrong with the idea that I'm planning to edit a journal before I've even begun it. I'm one of those people.
I will find a journal from years ago and decide that I did or did not like "where I was going with it." Hoping that I can somehow "fix it" I rip pages out, add a new entry or two, and ultimately I will shelve it and replace it. I do this knowing the new journal will also someday only document a week and a half of my life, generally the ending or beginning of a relationship, career path, or viewing of a coming of age film and then will be thoughtlessly used as a scrap notepad for doodles and details that I have scribbled down while on the "financial care" line with my cell phone carrier.
So, even though right now I want to start all over again and it makes me cringe to think of the previous entries on this blog and how much I do not want them to mark the beginning of my written life, I'm going to let it be. However, I do this because I know that it will be good motivation for me to write more because as my entries stack up, the past will be neatly archived and filed away under months so distant that no random googler will judge me by those first few entries.
It's Tuesday, which is my Monday. I had an early morning appointment (8:20 am) that got canceled. Now, I am sitting here with my hair only half straightened trying to ensure my life's path by sharing it with the blog nation.
See, I've had this jar in my apartment since two Septembers ago. It's a milk bottle from Glen Creamery. I use it to save money. Since my boyfriend, Andrew, has more than basically moved in, we have used it to save money. We are saving to move to Austin, Texas. This weekend over breakfast we counted it for the first time. $403. We a had a couple dollars more in quarters but, we used them for laundry.
Yes, those are Pillsbury Crescent Rolls.

This weekend:

Episodes of Battle Star Gallactica watched: about ten

Caloric intake for Andrew and Nicole: about one million each

Texts exchanged between Ingrid and myself: six

Dollars counted: $403

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